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We are Asymmetries Technologies, a diversified crypto finance firm, mainly focused on crypto asset management, market-making, crypto trading infrastructure provider, and decentralized finance.


We help our clients gain absolute returns uncorrelated to market movements using risk-neutral strategies.


We provide sizable liquidity to major global crypto exchanges.


We build high-performance trading solutions and deploy trading applications.

We also participate in the most advance decentralized finance protocols and develop strategies to make the markets more efficient.  

Our Business

Asset Management

Market Making

We help our clients gain absolute returns uncorrelated to market movements using risk-neutral strategies.  

 We provide sizable liquidity to major global exchanges, spot and derivatives, CEX and DEX.  

Trading Tech Provider

Decentralized Finance

We provide high-performance crypto trading solutions and deploy

 trading applications.

We interact with decentralized finance protocols and develop strategies to make the market more efficient. 

Core Team Members

Justin HUANG


  • Former Head of Quant Trading Research of Trading Technologies at New York;

  • Master of Materials Science from Tsinghua University; Master degree of Applied Mathematics at the University of California at Davis;

  • Crypto trading & commodity options trading experience: 7+ years;



  • More than 5 years of experience in trading infrastructure and liquidity provision trading;

  • Associate Model Validation at Standard & Poor's Global Ratings.  

  • Bachelor degree of Mathematics from Fudan University; Master degree in Computational Mathematics from Fudan University;

  • Crypto trading experience: 4+ years. 



  • Former Head of Asian Investments of Rockaway Capital;

  • Former Senior Associate at CITIC Asset Management;

  • Bachelor degree of Engineering from Tsinghua University; MBA from Yale University;

  • Crypto investment experience: 3+ years.


Ari Pine

  • Co-Founder of Digital Gamma, industry leader for crypto repo and credit risk management;

  • Former President of TradeCo, proprietary trading subsidiary of Trading Technologies;

  • A seasoned veteran of trading all asset classes;

  • Previously, top 10 largest gold options traders on CME;

  • Debt trader at JP Morgan;

  • Options Market maker on the Pacific Exchange;

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering from California Institute of TechnologyBachelor of Arts in history from Wesleyan University.  

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