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Asymmetries Technologies is a leading technology-driven digital assets trading firm in Asia. It is the major liquidity provider in orderbook and Automated Market Makers (AMMs) globally.

Asymmetries Technologies believes that the significance of the liquidity in both centralized (CeFi) and decentralized (DeFi) finance deserves more effort in this industry.  Meanwhile, the emergence of AMMs in Web3 is reshaping the liquidity provision ecosystem and changing the liquidity provision methodology for professional market makers in the universe. Powered by its solid understanding of liquidity management, Asymmetries is bridging the CeFi and DeFi liquidity, offering better solutions for project tokens liquidity in both DEXes and CEXes.

Asymmetries Technologies is building its strategic partnership with the top tier blockchain ecosystems, individual projects offering tailored liquidity provision plans. It has successfully deployed active liquidity management strategies in DEXs and CEXs in a remarkably efficient and economical way for both blue chips and project tokens.

Asymmetries Technologies is originally an asset manager collaborating with over six tier 1 crypto financial institutions since 2019. Its rigorous risk management system and conservative trading style brought market-neutral strategies to an extremely reliable level. Since 2021, Asymmetries has been deeply involved in decentralized finance and has invested in or/and partnered with over ten DeFi projects, built its DeFi trading desk and actively traded in over 5 blockchains, serving over four reputable DEXes as their designated market makers.

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