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Asymmetries provides market making services for coins across all top crypto exchanges. Our trading infrastructure and our experience in the space allow us to provide reliable, tight liquidity and responsive service.

Institional-Grade trading and research  infrastructure

Asymmetries is a technology-driven, research-centered trading firm. We’ve continued to remain the forefront of the trading industry by always focusing on data-driven analysis. We have successfully built, Ultra-low-latency trading infrastructure built with Rust. Small contract trading protocol High performance back-test engine Factor research infrastructure.

Engagement in Web3

Asymmetries is helping DeFi projects with favorable liquidity (depth/size) from Day1, utilizing its knowledge to advise them to come up suitable liquidity plans for their ecosystem.

Solid understanding of liquidity

Asymmetries is able to provide a suite of liquidity plans in different markets. The liquidity provision methodology includes but is not limited to structural arbitrage, inventory management, cross hedging using stat-arbs algorithms.

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